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Delivering full-service delivery and global logistics services throughout North America, including the United States, Mexico, and Canada to cover all of your land freight transportation and logistics needs.

Oil Rigs and Out-of-Gauge Cargo

Recently, the cargo transport market has been impacted by the adverse effects of external forces. Nevertheless, road cargo transportation has kept its leading positions in the segment. High volumes of freight transportation by road are caused by several factors. Trucks can make efficient deliveries 24 hours a day regardless of airport, railway, and port operating schedules. Truck usage allows flexible routing and cargo tracing with data from modern GPS navigation systems and GLONASS. In case of short-distance goods delivery, transportation by trucks minimizes financial costs. AsstrA helps its Clients enjoy all the advantages of intercity and international road freight transportation. For over 20 years our specialists have developed optimal routes in Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans and Central Asia. They take into consideration the individual needs of Clients and provide transportation in strict conformity with agreed terms at the best prices. Due to cooperation with large transport companies we can offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.

Optimizing Your Road Transport

  • piece, bulk and liquid cargo
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) and groupage cargoes
  • heavyweight and oversized freight
  • dangerous goods
  • goods requiring transport under a certain temperature regime.

inding the right solution for your business matters to us. Whether you have a single pallet, a few pallets, a full load or odd-sized goods, we are able to help you deliver the goods safely to your customers.

With a finely-meshed Nordic road network, we are able to deliver your shipment within 24-48 hours – not including remote areas.

Our flexible set-up enables us to optimize your road transport – by using a combination of own trucks and sub-contractors we are able meet the fluctuation in the market with short notice.

Global Flexibility Investment

Upto 75% More Asests

Security Financial Solutions

Upto 25% More Asests

Our core competences

Our core competences include challenging projects to the Caspian region, e.g. transport of entire oil rigs through the Russian Volga Don river system and transport and logistics for FPSO projects worldwide

Outsourced Consulting Business

Our teams deliver precise planning for all types of projects combining local expertise with global knowledge.

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