Our strategic prospects are huge shelf reserves. Our analysis shows that existing reserves.


We produce 500 million tons of oil in severl years more than the existing technical plans suggest.


Our main strategic objective is to increase marginality throughout the value chain.

Global Markets

As we operate in a highly competitive global markets our products are top quality.



of operational excellence taking environmental responsibility seriously

The main finished products are liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemical naphtha, premium gasoline, super gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, marine fuel oil, decant oil and straight run fuel oil. Our Refinery is undergoing a large-scale modernisation programme. The result is directed at improving the quality of oil products which is transferring to the 100-percent production of fuels of the highest environmental standard (Euro-5).

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  • Leadership Strategy

    We strive to make refining a sustainable and long-term profitable business by prioritizing refining processes, costs reduction

  • Targeted Opportunities

    Today we have a powerful infrastructure and research potential: it includes 26 corporate institutes with about 12 thousand employees. This department is represented in all regions of the Company's operations.

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Refining capacity at the Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPP totals 900 million cubic meters of associated petroleum gas (APG) per year. The recovery ratio of target components at the GPP will exceed 95 percent, meeting current global standards. Construction of the plant began in February 2014 within the Yuzhno-Priobskoye gas compressor station, and is being completed through a joint enterprise between Gazprom Neft and SIBUR, in which both companies have an equal share.

Our capacity

The total investment of Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPZ, LLC in 2016 amounted to 750 billion rubles. They were mainly aimed at increasing production drilling in Western Siberia and developing new projects. For 2017, Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPZ, LLC is planning an investment program in the amount of 1.1 trillion rubles.

Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPZ, LLC’s share in oil production in the Russian Federation is about 20%, and in world production it is more than 5%. In the near future, the active development of exploration and production will provide the Company with up to 98% of the success of exploration, a fundamental increase in the technological success of production drilling and sidetracking while maintaining economic efficiency. Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPZ, LLC plans to increase the annual production rate to 30 million tons of oil by 2022, due to organic growth.

Gazprom Neft First Deputy CEO Vadim Yakovlev commented: “The development of high-technology production at the Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPP will significantly offset the environmental impact of Gazprom Neft’s extractive operations, and will mark another significant step forward in achieving target APG usage. In addition to which, extensive development locally creates jobs, and improves living standards and quality of life throughout all of those regions in which we operate.”

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Upto 25% Efficient

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Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

Serve you to reach best profits and goals.

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Future Development

The company management has developed the intensive production development programme, which includes construction and commissioning of new in-proc

Protection of the environment

Expanding the scope of its activities, the Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPZ, LLC responsiblely builds a nature management strategy, relying on an effective system o

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Yuzhno-Priobskiy Refinery is implementing the most ambitious modernization program in the Russian Federation: over 30 projects for the construction, reconst

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